The Jozi Kxlektive – HookUp


Words & Photography by CJ Levendal

The Jozi Kxlektive(collective) was a concept we introduced last year – nothing flashy just a simple invite hook up for the more “advanced” stance heads in town – but trust me there’s nothing advanced about their heads, kidding.


A Good few months ago we set out with our first hook-up and planned on having one at least once a month, LOL. As I quickly realised Johannesburg’s lack of stance hook-ups were not due to a shortage of interest, but it simply boils down to the size of this place and lack of time on everyone’s hands. Nevertheless here we are at our second official meet and I say official due to the exclusive nature of the venue Ian Foat of the VW Club SA managed to secure. The scene was set and the chosen location was the very classy and pictures’ Velmore hotel in Centurion – it’s got a nice ring to it right. Last year we found ourselves in a underground parking lot, and come now, how can you call yourself the elite of Jozi if you’re still fighting with the security guards at the mall.


This time around our group grew somewhat bigger and although a lot of guys couldn’t make it we looked more of a unit than the last time. Endless laughs, never ending good times and the awesome cars set the tone for what this group is all about, and that’s the pure enjoyment and gratification of the game. Sure It’s cool to enter shows and win plastic trophies but having you’re creations acknowledged by your peers are sometimes just slightly more satisfying. and That is something I haven’t found here in Jozi until now – with that said we are simply going to sit back and look at where it all goes.


Thanks to Ian for his never ending work ethic and all the hondts that came through with their awesome rides, also big thanks again to Velmore Hotel for hosting us, I will certainly be back for some more crème brule (is that how you spell it). So stick with us until the next episode of the Jozi Kxlektive. But for now simply feast your eyes on some of jozi’s finest.

#sthrnstnce #jozikxlektive



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