Only The Fittest 2015 – Winners

otfwinners-.jpgWords & Photography – CJ Levendal

So as my time in Cape Town draws to a close I sit back and wonder where this all started – almost 5 years ago most of these guys, including me never had a clue that this is where we would end up, we were a bunch of strangers before but this simple thing called “stance” (let’s just go with that) brought guys from all over the country together in unity as probably the most influential group of people on the scene today. This is not me blowing anyones horn or anything – this is just me being extremely proud to be associated with the guys over at Capestance and I just want to congratulate Tauriq, Achmat, Kyle and the rest of the gang for pulling off a crazy ass event, you might wonder where to now but there’s still so much room for improvement and I can assure you all there’s only bigger and better things to come. I won’t talk too much you can get the full story in SA’s leading performance magazine, Speed and Sound with all the show pictures from the day – anyway after the show we decided to get all the prize winners together for a little shoot and this is what happened.

otfwinners-8119.jpgotfwinners-8106.jpgThis little Clio Rs took OTF14 with a bang and continued that trend in 2015, This year Farzana merely added a wheel but I think that was all she ever needed.otfwinners-8131otfwinners-8127otfwinners-8135otfwinners-8142The best part about this thing we call “the scene” will forever be the people we get to meet and I wouldn’t have it any other way – not even Facebook can get people together like this.otfwinners-8173otfwinners-8186otfwinners-8209Matthew’s and his former citi golf has made major strides – and halle as he named her is by far one of my favourite k1’s to date as it has just the right amount of everything.otfwinners-8191otfwinners-8204otfwinners-8195otfwinners-8215

otfwinners-8175otfwinners-8176Achmat’s secret to his great photos seems to be somewhere in the gym – I think I need to go throw around some dumbbells as well haha.otfwinners-8226otfwinners-8244If there’s one person that knows how to push boundaries it most definitely has to be mr Flippie Viljoen – this guy never lets up and never waits for trends to follow. He sets them and if you don’t believe me, believe when I say this has been his cars third look for the year.otfwinners-8246otfwinners-8234otfwinners-8183otfwinners-8274otfwinners-8289This little blue bean got my attention at the show and deserved to walk away with best Toyota on the day.otfwinners-8304otfwinners-8312otfwinners-8015otfwinners-8319otfwinners-8298static slaves.otfwinners-8224otfwinners-8297otfwinners-8292otfwinners-8277otfwinners-8280otfwinners-8282Zahier’s E36 is sex on wheels. otfwinners-8155otfwinners-8158otfwinners-8168otfwinners-8255






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