JoziKxllectiv – Invite Meet


Photography by CJ Levendal, Nico di Folco & Ahmed Rehman

Words CJ Levendal

Well where to begin, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done a blog post and I think it’s way past due. You can pretty much say SS has been as quiet as Johannesburg’s stance scene. Well too quiet for my liking, coming from PE and Cape Town where simple hook-ups were the way things stayed alive and going is somewhat a foreign concept up here in the North of South Africa. Guys only came out for shows and then retreated back home to prep for the next chance of winning a couple plastic trophies at some show where guys always found a reason to complain cause they never won anything, this concept has always been weird for me as the main reason I started this shit was passion, culture & friends. Yes that sounds cheesy but come now, what do you enjoy the most? Plastic trophies or the joy of doing all this. Anyway enough waffling – we thought it was about time that Jozi got the credit and exposure it deserves (from our side at least) cause when these guys prep for shows the go all out and some of them have built some amazing show cars, that’s not the point though. So after a few months of putting this off over and over I decided that instead of trying to plan the perfect hook-up, it would be best if we just fucken did it… And so we did, it wasn’t the biggest or best and that’s fine cause I knew it would take some time but we eventually got together at a simple underground parking lot in Edenvale on Johannesburg’s East Rand and what did we do? Fokol. We chilled, Smoked pipe and spoke endlessly about whatever came up, no politics no judges nothing to complain about. It’s a slow process but progress has never been a quick process, as we get everyone involved it’s surely to get bigger and soon we will form a community of likeminded people. Enjoyment is the main aim – I can’t stress that enough. So  I hope you all get the message, please go out and do the same thing there’s no other way we can grow our scene – now if your ride is up to scratch be sure to await an invite to the Jozi Collective, for those that couldn’t read my weird spelling on the cover photo. (I’m not even going to go into what it takes to be invited, you’ll know) Enjoy the pics and if you think you can hang with the elites, drop us a mail or inbox us on Facebook.

Special thanks to Nico and Ahgie for supplying us with some pics, and to all the homies that came from each corner in this unnecessary big place I now call home, this one is for us (GAAAAAAAY). If I swore to much I sincerely apologise (I had one too many glasses of Bourbon) – but you can all suck my … lol anyway I’m going to have another glass now and this one is on many more to come.

#cheers #sthrnstnce #JoziKxllective



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