Springfest 2015 Photo Coverage


As I woke up to the sound of rain on my window at 2am on Saturday morning, I had a sneaky suspicion that Springfest was going to be cancelled. To my surprise later that morning however, the weather had gotten a whole lot better, and I decided to head out to the show after I had done a few things after lunch.



After managing to drag Kim with me to the show, we arrived and were greeted by (surprise surprise) a few traffic cops. Eventually after finding a place to park where I wouldn’t get fined, we made our way to the show and were greeted by some rather good-looking cars from the guys at CapeStance (otherwise known as Cementgang haha) and Resistance.





Seeing that we only arrived after 2pm, we assumed that each club/group display was set out like this. Once we reached the back side of the fields, we saw all the other clubs and random cars scattered everywhere. It really was a massive event.


IMG_9052            IMG_9030

We had another event to attend to later that afternoon, so I didn’t manage to take that many photos and snap everyone’s car, so I do apologize for that (please, no death threats :P), but it was great to see a lot of old and new faces, and catch up with a lot of guys I haven’t seen in ages. Taking photos of cars while so many people walked around also proved to be rather difficult.

Springfest has a long way to go as a car show, so we’re hoping the event will be bigger and better next year.

Enjoy the photos and videos! Please click on them to view in high resolution.




Eugene’s Corsa sitting so nicely, providing a bit of inspiration for my own Corsa.



Laverne taking best VW stance for the day.


IMG_9063           IMG_9066

Club Civic showing up in full force.

IMG_9055            IMG_9059

Shane and Samir’s Mk1’s looking amazing together. Nice to see other younger guys building clean, beautiful rides.

IMG_9060            IMG_9058







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