Static Duo – Naiel’s Audi TT x Keenan’s BMW E36


After seeing pictures of Keenan’s black E36 at BMW fest, I knew that it had to get a little feature. After contacting Levi from Capeflow we managed to organize a chilled shoot on the Sunday, along with the Capeflow Audi TT.



When looking for cars to feature, we stick to our “less is more” philosophy and firmly believe that more attention to the finer details is what makes a car stand out. Keenan has done just that with his E36. The car received a flat black paint job, along with M Sport front and rear bumpers to keep the overall OEM feel. The removed headlight lenses is a nice subtle mod, that you don’t actually notice until you look at it twice.

IMG_5450 IMG_5428-Recovered

To bring the car back down to earth, a set of JOM coilovers supplied by CapeStance was fitted. There was a slight issue with the coilovers so it wasn’t able to sit exactly the way we wanted it to for the shoot. We hope the issues get sorted so that Keenan can continue to scrape everywhere he goes!

Wheels are 17″ BBS RS replicas, that dial in at 8.5j in the front, with massive 10j rears and very well stretched tires all round to get that “on point” fitment we all love.

IMG_5478 _DSC1586 IMG_5490Naiel’s 3.2 TT is nothing short of pretty. He decided to keep it pretty OEM looking, with the addition of coilovers and a set of 18″ 3SDM 0.06 replica wheels, that come in at 8.5j at the front and 9.5j in the rear.

IMG_5494 IMG_5532 IMG_5512Both cars are super clean, and as subtle as they are, they attract attention everywhere they go.

IMG_5417 IMG_5423 IMG_5464 IMG_5614 IMG_5553 IMG_5543 IMG_5566 IMG_5555 IMG_5571 IMG_5558 IMG_5599 IMG_5654 IMG_5666Photography by Mohammed Hoosian and Jason Clifton

Video by Imaad Griffiths (SD Studios)


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