Steady Street – Wesley’s EK Civic


This is not the first time I have encountered this very car, but this time around it was under new ownership. I still remember how I promised myself to shoot the car and working for a magazine the oppurtunity represnted itself quite easily. After I shot it back in 2013 it had simply vanished, imaging I would never see it again. I would always catch glimpses of white EK Civics in traffic, thinking I am going to finally find my unicorn but it was never the unicorn I was after.

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I met Wesley Greef through my day job and while I was shooting one of his EK Civics he mentioned to me about a daily he would be purchasing soon. Telling him to send me pictures once it was in his possesion was the right thing to do. When I got the pictures it simply made my day, it was the car that I encountered so long ago. This time the car had minor changes and it was still exceptional in build quality. The previous owner was not one to pull his foot off the throttle when spending. “Before I bought it, I requested that the Recaro Speed seats get swapped out for a set of Porsche GT3 RS seats” he said. The swap was quite easy seeing that the previous owner actually works for Porsche. Now some may think this to be disrepectful to the JDM heritage that Honda instills, I was also surprised but when you look at it closely, never has the mix of German and Jap come together so well.

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Inside this 97’ EK4 Civic, its all still pretty traditional, red Schroth harnesses are coupled up with the GT3 seats which speak of the power this car carries but more on that later. Rears seats and panels are still stock and coming up to the dash its also still all intact. The addition of an Evil Rev counter and shift light look right at home and mean that the fitted Skunk2 short shifter is timed just right. The OMP steering is a good match for the seats and to finish off the look inside a Megan Racing C-Pillar strut brace was added. You probably get the feeling of money well spent and that is exactly the type of feel that should be coming across.

If you not convinced yet? The suspension was upgraded with Skunk2 Pro Series coilovers and most would have stopped there but its got more Skunk2 to it. Think of all the main suspension bits and replace it with top shelf Skunk2 bits. It would be the right time to dwell into the power of this car.Right? It’s the outisde needs to be better described. So its onto the eye catching part of Wesleys daily. Wrapped in nice are rubber are original 15” Volk TE37’s in matt black which are another sign of money well spent. Going around the front end it’s the Mugen front spoiler and grille that give aggression. The JDM fog lamps in french yellow were a must.

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Spoon carbon fibre mirrors are another compulsory add on, at the rear the wing is from the Seibon stable. I have spoken about this cehicles motor twice but never revealed whats cracking under the hood. It’s a B20 lump with a B16 V-Tec head with RS high compression pistons coupled with a complete Supertech high rev spring kit, best believe its been worked in so many ways, the modifications list could make a story on their own. Skunk2 products are mated everywhere to the motor, to deal with cooling bits from Mishimoto come into play. Megan Racing comes into play again this time with a 63mm free-flow exhaust with a special back box that can be silenced for prowling the hood. The list goes on but just know this is not the hatch you want to get at the light because its rips just about as good as it looks. When Wesley bought the car it was perfect so the only addition he made in true street racing fashion was a shot of nitrous which will ensure he stays well ahead of the competition.



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