It Started in Japan – Nithaam’s Bagged RunX


Words & Photography by CJ Levendal

It has always been important to us to try to bring each of our viewer’s exclusive, diverse, tasteful and all round sick content to the table. You can’t create something relevant and interesting by reposting the exact same content everyone else is posting unless of course you put in a genuine effort to do it better and when I say better I mean people forget there were ever even any other posts. Now with that being said I feel that there are times second look at a car is needed to give it that well deserved justice.



Now with a car like my buddy Nithaam Fakier’s old spec Toyota RunX RSI, a second look is always needed and with the impact it has made on the scene since its arrival I thought to myself just why exactly have I not featured this car – without thinking to long about it I decided to call up Nithaam and organise some proper one on one time with his baby. Nithaam is one of the founding members of the all too well-known Mainstream Crew from the lowly city of Port Elizabeth, they started off pretty much the same time as us and since then I’ve witnessed this car’s transformation as it went through wheel changes and suspension like girls go through outfits and each time it just simply got better each time. Now being part of Mainstream there has to be a constant pressure to stay relevant and on top of your game, as well as setting trends for followers of their brand and in my opinion he has handled all that with a certain style many cannot even pull of at least once. However along with the successes and strides Mainstream have made in the bay area as well as the broader SA – there have been countless criticisms from all corners and that is inevitable and surely it could have taken a negative impact on Nithaam and his gang, but they took it all in their stride and have grown from strength to strength and it has definitely reflected where it mattered, his car. The age-old saying goes “talk is cheap” and when it came to walking the walk Nithaam’s car has always been on point and has been a great ambassador for the beloved Slam City.

42 10

For as long as I’ve known Nithaam he has had this constant need to find “perfect fitment”. Like most guys in PE he was rolling static for quite some time not to drive low but simply to increase his cars handling. We decided to take the trip together to Cape Town for a show called King of Slam hosted by Resistance and this is where we discovered the joys of air. This peaked his interest but did not win him over completely a few months down the line and it was time to head up to Jozi, sadly I had to miss this trip. It only took him one journey up to CampFest (where he witnessed bagged cars left right and centre) to realise that air was what he needed. Fast forward another few months to Cleary Park, I remember the day quite clearly, rumours were already all over town that he had a lil’ something up his sleeve. It was show day and we were all up to the usual activities before we knew it a few dozen necks were broken, ER24 was on scene and with a flip of a switch the game in Slam City was changed instantly his car was laying frame and tucking neatly however since he had his air installed he struggled to find that “perfect fitment” he was always on about and three trips of 1600kms later he had found this elusive fitment he has always longed for. He has a fully custom setup built and installed by Outlaw Airwurx which consists of 2x viar compressors, a 20l tank and solenoids; this system is managed by an analogue duel paddle switch Airlift system which allows for the front and back to rise independently. The boot setup was also done by the guys from Outlaw and was finished off neatly and complimented the simplistic style he went with.

16 17

Nithaam’s initial goal was to build a performance car to hunt down some of the biggest and baddest street racing cars around but strayed away and he simply went with a modest motorcade induction and 63mm powerflow exhaust. The RunX RSI already packs quite a punch and he felt that was enough for him, as his priorities leaned more and more to the styling side. I mentioned that he went through wheels almost every 2nd month he finally settled for a set of 17×9 Volk Rays te37’s wrapped in 195/40/17 Falken Ziexs 912s all round – this provided him with just the right amount of stretch to place his back arches in between the lip of the wheel and the tyre, giving him that “perfect fitment” he so desperately wanted. With the car now laying frame, sitting fender to lip all round and having his desired fitment the question lingers, where to from here? Surely he has achieved all he wanted with this car and Nithaam simply responded with a very sneaky “you’ll just have to wait and see”

5 3 8

In all honesty this was definitely one of my favourite shoots I’ve done in a while, as we simply got together and did what we do best with no pressures – I hope the story and the pictures do this car justice, if not we can always just try again haha. We have been quiet for a while and I just want to thank Nithaam and all our readers for being patient with us, We have recently moved to Johannesburg and needed some time to settle in, we have now and here is our first post all the way from our brand new HQs. This is me signing out, leaving you with the hottest RunX in SA, it has been a pleasure shooting this car, it has made waves all across the country and we hope you all enjoyed this feature.





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