Low Abiding Citizen – Adrian’s Bagged BMW E46 Touring


Photography by CJ Levendal & Jason Clifton | Video by Imaad Griffiths & Mohammed Hoosain
Words by CJ Levendal

There’s a certain dedication required when you enter into the commitment of daily driving the same car that accompanies you to every show through the season. The pot holes and speed bumps make your oil pan and suspension bushings cringe on your way to work. The rock chips and bug splatter threaten the glossy paint job as your car clocks away countless kilometers these SA highways on a road to somewhere new.

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As the week begins, our minds shift from the past and upcoming shows where our cars will sit and shine in the summer sun, showing off to all of the “skaar” and the “dinge-likers” as they say in PE ha-ha. We find ourselves back at our desks and computer screens of our work cubicles, wanting nothing but to escape back to those blissful prepping days in the garage and the excitement of the show days. The commitment to maintaining this lifestyle requires a passion that many off the outsiders of this automotive scene may deem impractical and will most likely never understand, but it’s one that many of us know very well. It’s somewhat of an addiction, it’s all we know.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/116054537″>Low Abiding Citizen – Adrian’s Bagged BMW E46</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/sthrnstnce”>SouthernStance</a&gt; on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

When I met Adrian a few months ago, he never struck me as the kind of guy I just described – however he was pretty much all this wrapped into one friendly, constantly smiling guy. I approached him via the usual social media avenues. I asked him for the chance to shoot his wagon as soon as pictures of it surfaced on the internet but due to many issues we never got that far. However when I saw him this past December at the Capestance event OTF, I made sure not to let the opportunity to shoot his ride slip through my fingers again. I gathered my team and soon enough we took to the streets of the mother city to do what we do best.

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Adrian Antonie, member of the well-known Resistance crew and the self-acclaimed Low Abiding Citizen jumped right into this commitment when he first purchased his E46 touring about two years ago, he saw that no one has done a wagon before and decided to be the first, knowing that he would be putting it through its paces. From Monday to Friday, the wagon is on commuter duty. Every morning it takes to the mother cities streets and 4 lane highways. The slammed Wagon glides its way through the bland-colored sea of stock height sedans and unassuming trucks and vans as they all head into their offices for another day of work. Adrian is different, though. Like many of us, he has a strong bond to the car that safely transports him around town. Adrian is a jeweler by trade but about a year ago, which started off as a mere hobby, quickly turned into his own business “Low Abiding Citizen” that does any sort of custom work like; Suspension set-ups, engineering, decals and signage as well as clothing and printing. So as you can see this is basically his life and the way he makes his living, and like I said it’s all he knows.

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Since I’ve seen this car it went through countless wheel swaps and different tyre combinations. Wanting to find the perfect look Adrian seems to have finally settled for a set of WCI cc10 wheels wrapped in 215/35/18 Nankang rubbers.

What caught my eye in particular was his boot setup, it was sophisticated, classy and well done all round. As I mentioned his company does suspension installations and when it came to his baby he decided to do his own setup as well. It’s an individual setup with 2x ViAir compressors and a 20 liter tank with hard lines. So it is clear that this car is not only a show car but an advertisement of his hard work and commitment, his lifestyle and the dedication he inserts into it on a daily basis. He deems his car as incomplete still as he would like to do some modifications to the motor as well as some exterior additions.

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I commend Adrian for maintaining such a beautiful and clean car while also loving it enough to drive it day-in and day-out. Putting pride into his work is a dedication that we like to see amongst our readers. We will always celebrate the owners who love to drive their cars out of sheer enjoyment and enthusiasm; the ones who may turn their heads from this crazy “impractical” lifestyle and focus on the fun of car ownership. It’s the sort of relationship between a guy and his car I love to see, so I just want to thank Adrian for taking the time out and for letting us showcase his ride in the best possible manner. I hope we did it justice and I hope you all enjoyed the read the video and the pictures.

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Enjoy and remember to click on the images for the high-resolution.

To download the video in either HD or SD simply follow the link to our Vimeo account.


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