OTF’14 – Only The Fittest by Capestance


Words & Photography by CJ Levendal

Well where to begin, it’s the last event of 2014 and non more fitting than a Capestance show. It’s been a very busy summer and it resulted in me missing a few shows around my usual hunting areas, however when Capestance released the date for OTF’14, I marked my calendar and I was not going to miss this one.

So let’s jump straight into it – 2014 was quite the year packed with loads of good and bad for the stance scene in SA, but there was an overall forward movement with a lot of growth. The culture has grown, the market has grown, the quality of the cars has been raised considerably. This show along with King of Slam hosted by Resistance a few weeks before, were two of the best I’ve seen in a while and has been the perfect advertisement for the scene in SA. I was a little overwhelmed at first but soon found my feet and began to snap away.


As the name of this event says only the fittest Cape Town, and some from further reaches in SA was on show on the day, and I have to say I was at a loss for words and had no idea where to begin. Surely I have seen most of these cars but the way some guys stepped up their game was very pleasing to the eye. Then there were also the usual suspects like Tauriq Ajam’s Classic Bagged Benz, Mila which just never seems to get old even for a 30 year old car ha-ha.

Some of the stand outs and crowd favorites had to have been those two MkI’s – Yes Kyle and Matthew’s MkI’s were two of the lookers on the day with fitment and belly scraping lows some guys wish they could have. Kyle’s Turquoise MkI, Vanity took 1st place for best static slaying frames and all competition in her way.

Halle stood one side all afternoon but I found myself going back for one more picture at least 5 times.

28 25 39

There was a limbo event hosted by the guys from Hoodfresh who recently expanded from Port Elizabeth aka Slam City all the way to Cape Town. As at many shows it’s usually one of the main attractions as the guys all line up to see who has got the stomach to literally drag their cars over the line to claim that 1st place. I must say the venue was not very low car friendly especially for the static cars who got stuck at certain points to and from the limbo. It was quite entertaining watching them struggle from on point to another, you’d swear the municipality was about to lay new roads with all the scars on the surface left by the cars.

41 624

As I mentioned before there were a few guys from out of town and some of the better one’s were the guys from StateStance all the way from Kimberley and Bloemfontein who seems to be on a tour of the country being spotted in PE not too long ago. They didn’t just come to fill up the space in the venue. They were on a mission taking home 3 trophies if I’m not mistaken, which included best air and best of show for their black bagged Golf 5 as well as best girl ride for the blue bagged Renault Clio.

7 9 10 11

Another two of my favorites was Shane’s bagged K04 MkV GTi on original WCI CC10’s, recently completed by CapeStance with body work done by non other than Cole’s Autobody. Shaba’s MkII Jumbo surprised us all revealing his new air suspension set-up on the day.

564212742  223 33 15


Air Suspension Seemed to be the order of the day, with bagged cars everywhere you looked – this was very pleasing to see and just made my need for a build grow bigger and bigger. There was an air battle along with a mass air out as well and the winner of that particular contest was Shaheed Williams’ with his MkII Jetta.

Although the bag riders were a big attraction props had to be given to the static guys – one in particular has to be everyone’s favorite EK Civic, owned by Flippie Viljoen who surprised everyone at King of Slam with a complete new paint job – it was the first time I saw Katy in her new matte finished body, and I have to applaud Flippie for what he’s done with this car since he got it…


Flippie along with countless others were supplied with wheels from non other than Shaba and his stickers were on the cars of all his happy customers…


A big Hi-lite for me is always seeing all the friends I’ve made within this crazy car scene of ours which I only get to see when I make the trips for these shows.

35 37

The very popular selfie stick haha, I think I need to get me one.

38 36

Bools getting down for one of those shots only he seems to be able to get, must be the specticals lol.



Kyle with his trophy for best static.


I would like to know what Tauriq is smiling at, but here he is getting interviewed by Jason Williams from BoostSA

a Girl I left out but did not forget was Gina, but here she is in all her glory knowing just how to show off her good side, those of you that attended will know what I mean lol, nevertheless Gina is always a sight to look at and I could take pictures of her whole day. The 3pce Autostrada Monzas never get old and with her gold accents Gina is a sure diva.

20 19

Just a quick lowdown on the winners – I don’t each of them so I’ll just write their cars names and what they won.


Volkswagen Jetta MkII – Air Battle


Volkswagen Golf MkI – Best Wheel


Volkswagen Golf MkI – Best Static


Volkswagen Golf MkV – Best Air, Best of Show


Renault Clio – Best Girl Ride

45 26

Lorenzo Lakay’s MkII Jetta, Clover was another one that caught my eye and I made sure I got a few moments alone with her.

13 1412

Hadley’s SSS will be hearing from me soon – I walked past it a couple of times and got myself looking at it every time bumping into people walking in front of me.  I did not get nearly enough pictures of it but I will next time.


The Capestance brand is growing still each day with them recently starting to fit suspension, along with other mods as well as their automotive apparel line growing at a fast rate and selling just as fast. The continue to stay as a source of inspiration for me personally and I would just like to extend my congratulations to their team on a good show and an awesome way to end off 2014. Here’s to many more to come and to great friendships and partnerships in the future ahead.

That’s it for now – I hope you all enjoyed this post. If there are any mistakes please forgive me as I sat through the night to finish it in time for you guys. you know the drill, click on the images for high res quality.



32  1 22 54



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