King of Slam 2014 by Resistance


So my first post to the blog is an event. After photographing many years of events and seeing the same thing over and over I thought to myself, “This is just going to be another car show where I stand in the sun all day and get burnt while taking photos. But oh was I wrong.


The problem with me shooting this event was, I had been booked for a wedding shoot the very same day, and I had to be there an hour and a half after the show started, which meant I had just under an hour to take photos at King of Slam. This made me rather sad, because when I arrived, I was greeted by an epic airbase hanger full of slammed cars. My jaw instantly dropped.

The cleanest Mk2 Jetta in SA, Clover.

The cleanest Mk2 Jetta in SA, Clover.

When I went inside, the very first thought I had was “I’m at an international show.” This was due to the combination of both the location and a high standard of cars. It was very different to previous shows, and I must say that this year, Resistance got it very right. There were a few old faces that attended the show along with very many new ones, and it is great to see that so many bagged cars are now popping up on the scene. But the statics do it just as well.

Shane's bagged K04 MkV GTi on WCI CC10's, recently completed by CapeStance.

Shane’s bagged K04 MkV GTi on WCI CC10’s, recently completed by CapeStance.


Flippie revealing his new matte blue paintjob on his static EK Civic.

Overall I’d say the standard of the show as a whole was pretty high, if not the highest in the Cape to date. Unfortunately I did not have time to stay for the whole show and attend the limbo etc, but here are the photos I did manage to capture while I was at KOS. Enjoy.

slam city yaris

IMG_3782 Flippie IMG_3804IMG_3749 IMG_3769 IMG_3771 IMG_3767 IMG_3773 IMG_3775 IMG_3781 IMG_3809 IMG_3817 IMG_3785 IMG_3812 IMG_3839 IMG_3826 IMG_3857 IMG_3845 IMG_3859 IMG_3856 IMG_3878 IMG_3852 IMG_3855Words, photography and cover photo design by Jason Clifton.


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