Suit & Tie – Dylan’s Static BMW E46


Words & Photography by CJ Levendal

I’m back in the Bay for one of the more anticipated events in Slam City namely Strictly Street 2014, and you probably already saw our coverage on it. Now it would be tough to find someone who would disagree that the most enjoyable part of the annual events is simply the gathering of friends and the opportunity to kick it back as a gang for the weekend. It’s an opportunity to see those we only get to see once or twice a year, and for many, an annual highlight. For me, it’s not only a vacation, but a chance to pull out the camera and shoot the cars I hardly ever get to see.

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If we rewind back to the first time I saw Dylan’s 330i, it would be just over a year ago for its first big show, which was Strictly Street 2013. This was round about the time the stance scene in PE kicked off into full flight and to say it went over well is an understatement. At the time the car tickled my fancy in just the right way. I went so far as to talking him into joining me along with the local boys at Mainstream Crew for a little private shoot, since then I’ve been meaning to shoot it but we’ve all had shoots that just don’t seem to turn out. All the better so as my “photography skills” got somewhat better so did his fitment game, so this time Dylan and I made it count.

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Part of our job here at Southern Stance is to share the cars that we’re in to, the ones that are doing things a bit differently than the rest. Dylan’s 330i isn’t just pushing the boundaries as an automobile, but it’s got that certain neck-snapping quality to it, leaving the “skaar” talking about his entrance at shows for days. I think it’s the absurd belly scraping lows, proper fitment and just the right amount of camber… Scratch that, I’m positive (and for the record, the desire to make some kind of “negative camber” joke here was unbelievable). The way Dylan’s car sits is unlike any other E46 I’ve come across in SA. This is his daily and he does just about everything from racing it, killing the stance game at shows to driving his mom to the store for some groceries.


Sick Kicks and Sick Whips

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Dylan went with the OEM approach, and kept as much as possible standard except for the obvious wheels and the drop. He has gone with a seemingly impossibly wide RS rep, staying true to his BBS fascination. Silver face, silver bolts, and some large lips are all it takes to take the exterior from average to a true attention grabber. The wheels are wrapped in 205/40 rubbers in the front and 215/40s in the rear. For the suspension he went with JOM height adjustable coil-overs and literally slammed it all the way to the ground. He sees himself as somewhat of a fitment connoisseur, and with the limited resources we have available I feel he has every right to feel that way, killing the fitment in all aspects and executing it to the last millimeter. He has certainly got the feel for this fine art of fitment.

15 16 IMG_8588 as Smart Object-1

So love it or hate it, I felt the need to share his car. It’s well done, clean, classy, and tasteful. It’s pushing that line of what we like, and for that, he’s found a spot right here on our blog. All that’s left to do is for you to go ahead and like, comment and share this post –  but as always most of all enjoy it.

P.S remember to click on the images for the high-resolution quality.


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