RedMist – Nishaad’s Bagged VW Citi


Photography and Words – CJ Levendal

So we are back and this time we find ourselves in George in the heart of The Garden Route, I don’t think I’ve ever featured a car from my surrounding areas but it’s about time so hear goes nothing.

Meet Nishaad and his Volkswagen Citi Golf, I first met him earlier this year after he gave me a shout and asked if i could shoot his car – at first i was not to keen on it as i saw his car a few times on the net but i did not see it as up to scratch, i’ll admit i was a bit blunt with him and told him he needed to step his game up, but in good spirit he accepted the criticism and took back to the drawing board – it wasn’t too long until i got contacted by him once again, this time he ensured me that he made some changes and asked me once again if i could shoot it – after seeing some pictures of his car and needing some shooting practice, i thought why not and i went off to Mosselbay for the day. What i saw was good, but nothing out of the ordinary or worthy of a feature, as it was just another static Citi Golf, however we did the shoot and it was a good afternoon overall.




a Couple of months had passed and out of nowhere I got another inbox from this dude that just couldn’t seem to stay away ha-ha. He told me that this time he’s back with some more changes and hoping that it would be enough to feature on our blog. He Sent me some pictures and low and behold he installed him some bags, redone the interior and countless minor changes on the exterior. Now this still didn’t come across to me as something unseen before but to me it was this kid’s dedication and determination that landed him this feature.

He actually went back and each time and came back better than before. which is a quality a lot of guys these days lack – instead of putting his head between his legs and running away like a baby he took the criticism like a man and built on it. It’s Been a month or two since I did the shoot and he’s still messaging me with more improvements, and for that I have to applaud him. He is only 18 now and a lot of the older guys around the scene here in SA could learn a thing or two from him.


5 7 11

A quick lowdown of what’s going on in and around this car. He bought the car about a year ago as a standard 1.3 carb 4speed chico. Not long after the purchase he had M.A.C.E tunning do a mk3 2l 8v conversion along with a 5speed ffz gearbox. He then added a custom cam 276/288, 4-2-1 wildcat branches and a custom degraaf exhaust system, all this connected on a Gotech management system along with an upgraded throttle body.

For the suspension he made the change from Tuning-Art coil-overs to Airlift front bags and sleeve on bags in the rear, all connected on a Vlair compressor and a 4gallon tank. He also C-Notched the chassis for that extra bit of low. The car is sitting on 15×8 Shmidt Revolution reps wrapped in 165/50 Federal rubbers giving it a nice stretch and good over-all form.



The interior is a combo of red and black and he replaced the original seating with two Type-R bucket seats, and wrapped the back seat and door pannels in red leather. The boot set-up is a pretty neat and simple design and for the audio he kept it pretty civil with a single 12″ Pioneer sub and 6x9s connected on a 2500w 4 channel amp.

14 15 16

That pretty much covers the lot but I can assure you from experience that it’s not the last you will see or hear of Nishaad ha-ha. Who knows what he will be getting up to next. The day turned out well even though it rained but it made for a fun experience and it was good hanging out with the ever enthusiastic kids from Mosselbay and I’m sure it will reflect in the pictures – but for now thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed the feature and I hope you could take something from it.



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