Technical Execution – Flippie & Bradley’s static EK Civics


Technical Execution – EK Civics

Photography & Words by CJ Levendal

Video by Imaad Griffiths & Mohammed Hoosain (SD Studios)

Cover Shot by Rowan Patrick

We are back with a new feature and this time we find ourselves back in the mother city – which has become somewhat our main source of content lately, not that you can blame us though – it is after all known as the Cape of good stance ha-ha.

So recently these two Civics have slowly been creeping and scraping their way on to the scene with people from all over SA taking notice. Now we all know Cape Town is probably the JDM capital of SA with probably the biggest Japanese automotive contingent, so why these two out of all the many worthy cars??? Well I’m experiencing somewhat of a creative block when it comes to writing so with this little feature we have put together we hope to bring across the “why?” with what we do best and that’s with our photography and the video as you have probably seen already. So with that said I wont be talking to much in this one. This will also be the first time we’ve featured two cars at the same time so forgive me if I don’t get this 100 percent right.


I’ll start with Flippie and his journey with this particular car of his which started about 6 months ago. He did not waste any time in molding this old spec EK to what you have here in front of you – He is currently sitting on a set of 15×8.5 AC Schnitzer Type 01 style wheels wrapped in a nice set of 175/50/15 Hankook rubbers,  giving him the desired stretch for that nice all-round form. His suspension of choice is shortened shocks with custom Megan Racing sleeve over springs which gives him the just the right amount of low he is looking for, he also fitted buddy club camber kits which allows for the lovely tuck you see in front of you.

1 7 6 3 4 5

Over to Bradley and his baby nicknamed caramel deluxe, he bought her about a year ago and transformed her from scratch to what you see now. Bradley tells me that this is his the third set of wheels since he got the car and he finally found what he was looking for in this set of 15×8.5 Ruff racing wheels running on the same set of Hankooks  as Flippie. The suspension is a combination of shortened shocks done by Ian Glass with sleeve overs all round. Recent additions have seen Bradley fit the prelude front lip along with the extended wing. This is still a work in progress according to Bradley – his aim is to get the car as clean as possible and perfect the fitment down to the millimetre with subtle changes to make it stand out from the crowd.

10 8 9 12 11

Both these cars are still stock under the hood as styling took preference for them – however Flippie is planning on doing a soch vtec conversion in the near future.

Bellow is the video done by SD Studios – Visit our Vimeo site for the download link in Full HD

TECHnical Execution – EK Civics from SouthernStance on Vimeo.



That pretty much covers it for now, as i mentioned i wont be talking much so I hope you enjoy the photos and the video – thanks to Flippie and Bradley, and to all the guys that came out that day. Also a special thanks to Imaad and Mohammed from SD Studios for doing the video for us – this is definitely the first of many more to come.


14 17


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