Strictly Street 2k14 – Coverage


Words & Photography by CJ Levendal

So the past weekend I made a trip down to Port Elizabeth or Slam City as we have come to know it in recent times and this weekend was just another reminder of how that name came about…

Strictly Street 2013 is where we as SouthernStance made our first appearance in PE and in the space of a year the game has raised and the limbo bar has lowered considerably. I only arrived the Saturday, however I was just in time for the stance-off and lowerlympics hosted by the very well known Low Company. It was a wet and gloomy day, the rain slowed down proceedings slightly but did not dampen the mood and spirit of the “skaar” and those taking part. The show overall was pretty much of the same as usual but there were a few guys who stepped up their game, which put a big enough smile on my face.


Dylan pulled up late in his e46, but it was every minute worth the wait…


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I’ve noticed that over the past couple of months there has been a lot of Facebook fights and I would just like to remind everyone that we all love this crazy thing we call the “automotive culture” and that we should embrace every aspect of it, don’t always take things too seriously though, it takes away the fun of it all. I don’t plan to write a lot for this post as I simply want you all to take a moment and look at the progress that has taken place in this short space of time. This one goes out to Slam City, The Boys and Girls at Low Company, Mainstream Crew, Hoodfresh, Dopest Inc, even the groupies, ricers, biters and everyone else i did not mentioned, we are all apart of this and Show Season is upon us so rep your city, step up your game and make summer 2014 one to remember – I hope you like what you see.

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