Gina The White Unicorn – Tauriq Ajam’s Static MK6


Photography & Words by CJ Levendal

The last couple of weeks has been quite busy with shows and hookups across the country and don’t get me wrong there’s nothing like a good show. But I want to take a break from all the monotonous show day pictures and give you guys something special – I want to focus on one specific car.

The World Wide Web is constantly advancing with each passing day and it has had a massive effect on the way the automotive world interacts. These social media advancements have drastically changed the exposure that cars receive as they are shared throughout forum threads, blogs, and Facebook pages. Where cars were once unveiled at the long-awaited shows each year, we now enjoy the instant gratification that the internet offers. A lot of the time this means that things get lost in oceans of endless content. Now this car has been the exception to this recent norm of popping up all over the web. Gina as Tauriq decided to name his 35 Edition Golf mk6 GTI has been somewhat of a unicorn. a Very rare sight and all the better that way as it made the moment you might have stumbled across a picture of her so much better. Now Gina has been seen on the web a few times but never has a feature been done and we here at SouthernStance are very proud to be the first.



Numerous re-blogs, shares, likes, and comments were tallied as South Africa took notice of the stunning Golf that had seemingly emerged out of nowhere. There are cars that have something special that ignites the interest of the car community and gets people talking. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but Tauriq has proven before that he has somewhat of a magic touch and this stunning car evokes a moment of reverence when you first see her sitting on the flawlessly polished Autostrada Monza 3 piece splits. The elements of the car all work together in unison to deliver a feeling of excitement for any enthusiast and that’s exactly what we’re after.


I’m sitting at home just going about my day and i remembered that I have a trip to Cape Town on the horizon and as usual I immediately start thinking of cars i can shoot. I send Tauriq a message hoping for the best and to my surprise he agrees and we set it all up – however the day of the shoot came and everything just seemed like it was never going to work out it seemed all to familiar but in the end it worked out quite well. I spent all morning with Tauriq and Gina jumping from location to location trying to find the perfect spot. I felt so unprofessional not having my shit together, but Tauriq set me at ease letting me know that he will be free all morning and that i should take it easy, we started just shooting not giving a damn about anything around us, as I got lost in limbo I realized no matter where we go Gina will still look good and make everything around her look good as well as every shot was just about perfect.

As gorgeous as she is don’t let her fool you – this GTI is one tough static warrior rolling around through the streets of Cape Town on a set of dampening and height adjustable BC racing coilovers, scraping her frame at almost every bend and turn. Tauriq could have just gone for another air suspension set-up as he did in his Benz but he felt for a change in the drive and went for the coilies. In all, it’s a package that accentuates the impact of the white hatch-back, which still remains an inexplicable neck-breaker in a perfect example and execution of true style. The less-than-subtle addition that is sure to capture attention and possibly drop your jaw is the set of very rare Autostrada Monza 3 piece splits which A friend of Tauriq found for him up in the city of gold, at first he did not like it but he wanted a set of 18″ splits and decided to go for them, they were pretty busted up and he had to get the guys at International rim repair to refurbish it, he also had to rebuild the center caps as there were two missing. The end result is a pretty good one and in my opinion he pulled it of better than he probably even thought he would.

A lot of cars never seem to get the justice it deserves on pictures but seeing it in person as I prepared for the photo shoot it just reaffirmed my decision as to why i decided do this feature. This car has something behind its “snow white” paint job (even though it was pretty dirty) that simply strikes the right chord. Small tweaks were made to exterior accents, giving the car a subtle refinement over the OEM offering. The gold Capestance stickers matching the gold studs on the wheels rounded off everything nicely and gave it Mr. Ajam’s signature.

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Overall it was a good morning and an awesome experience with Tauriq and Gina who is slowly starting to make name across SA and the Globe and with both his cars and we couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador.
The car world and internet will continue on this path of growth and evolution in SA all be it a slow process. But in this process of growth Gina embodies the joy and satisfaction that can be found as old parts and new cars come together, here in SA where we struggle on a daily basis to build something meaningful and original, this car also represents dedication and hard work. In turn, the excitement encourages us to look towards the horizon with hope and search for what’s next. It’s a cycle that keeps us all inspired here at SouthernStance. I can’t wait to see what Tauriq and Gina will be pulling of next, Capestance never seems to disappoint and always leaves me with a smile on my face. To wrap things up i just want to extend a thank you to Tauriq for giving me the opportunity to once again shoot one of his girls – hopefully I’ll get my hands on them again sometime really soon.
It’s always a pleasure but until next time… (P.S remember to click on images for the high res)

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