Paradise White – Mahesh’s Bagged Audi s3


Photography CJ Levendal & Orville Robertson

Words CJ Levendal

With dozens of “stance oriented” blogs out there, you’ve pretty much seen it all by now. And if you follow the scene and blogs in SA you probably would already have seen this ride featured on Low Company, one Slam City’s finer exports. So why feature this car if it was already done you ask? Well to be utterly blunt, have you seen it!? We did our shoot a few days after the boys at LowCo and as a little professional courtesy we saw it fit to let them go first – so now that they have had there go we will attempt to show off Mahesh’s bagged Audi s3 through the SouthernStance lense…


I’ve been seeing a surge of people trying really hard to differentiate themselves. Some go for the flashy paint and/or somewhat uncommon wheels, while others simply choose to mod a car that isn’t really known too well in this “fitment scene“. So when pictures of Mahesh’s s3 started popping up online it immediatly cought my eye along with the rest of slam city and probably SA as well. I then made it a priority to shoot this car. I got my chance to visit the friendly city and made the necessary arrangements, however since his car came onto the scene its been in high demand for weddings, matric farewells etc. and with my bad luck mahesh had a matric farewell scheduled for that day wich left me with minimal time to do a shoot but i was not going to let that stop me and we made the most of the hour we were given.

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Now I mentioned before that there’s a constant battle in trying to stand out from the crowd, and one of the ways was to mod a fairly unfamiliar car to the scene and in SA this is one of only two bagged Audi S3s we have seen as of yet, which makes it pretty exclusive. Now Slam City is not quite used to seeing cars on air suspension as it has only recently entered the scene down there with Mahesh being one of the first guys to do it, once again setting him apart from the local guys. So with a good basis layed out it’s not that hard for him to stand apart, however anyone can be seen as different – the trick lays in whether it’s a good or bad different and then to go abit deeper each person has their own view and opinion on whats yay and whats nay. One of the things that makes this scene so hard to understand at times for “others” is the occasional lack of personalities. People are building cars to satisfy others and not themselves, no matter the price they have to pay. Don’t get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with building a car with the expectation of your peers thinking it’s dope, just don’t forget to build a car for yourself first.

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In the case of Mahesh being owner of Autostyling PE you would think that he is merely using the car to advertise his products and that it has very little of himself put into it, in other words “he is only trying to impress his peers and/or customers”. But from my experience all be it very brief – when you meet the guy you will be quick to throw all previously formed conceptions right out the window – cause him and his car could not be more alike. His boss like appearence and aura is reflected in this mean mugged S3 with coolness oozing from every inch of it’s body. My eyes could not be any bigger as I was snapping away at this beauty of a car, feeling like a little boy getting to play with a friends new toy.

For the Wheel and Tyre combo he went for 19″ all white Fifteen52 Tarmacs wrapped in 235/35 Achillie rubber all round giving it nice form overall, this form is completed with accuair fully digital computer management control air suspension. Mahesh is pretty happy with where the car is at the moment but plans to finish up his boot set-up for his tank and he will adding some audio to go with that.

12 14

So why White Paradise? Well simply because the car is all white and it’s one of the many street names for the narcotic known as cocaine and while I was doing this very short shoot and even throughout the post processing stage I was on a constant high filled with excitement – I was literally a junkie for this car ha-ha. So next time you look at this car, do it with caution as you might just end up hooked on it. Anyway I think I’ve spoken more than enough – We hope you’ve enjoyed this feature… It will go down as one of my personal favourites.


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One thought on “Paradise White – Mahesh’s Bagged Audi s3

  1. Awesome looking S3…! I believe the Slam was developed and fitted @ Air Spring Supply Company in Jetpark – Gauteng. They can Slam ANY vehicle to look as good as the Audi. Contact them to turn your pride & Joy into a show stopping eye popper!

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