Blue Magic – Muji’s bagged Accord

Muji Opener

Blue Magic – Muji’s Bagged Accord

Words & Photography by CJ Levendal

So after a few features from Jozi mostly German cars we felt it was about time we head back down to the Mother City for some JDM goodness, and without much trouble we found the perfect candidate. Mujaahid Gallow’s ’05 Honda Accord type S 2.4 iVtec.

Now personally I think that over the years Honda has presented to us some of the most gorgeous mass production cars on the planet. Some people might not want to admit it but from the EK Civic to the AP2 S2000 all the way down to an EF Ballade, somewhere along their long list of automobiles we all have a favorite. These cars, in the right owner’s possession can be transformed into a class dominating race car or a show stopping piece of art. Muji went for a balanced approach, wanting a little bit of everything.

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Like a lot of people in today’s car scene, Muji got pulled in when he was still young. He has had the Accord since September 2011 and got it after owning a 150i Pop-up, 180i EK Ballade and a 1.6RX RunX. “I was looking for something different, something no one has ever done before in our scene.” Muji has always been a fan of Honda’s styling, but loved the look of the Accord the best, he felt it was the type of car that no one has tackled yet in our scene. I asked him what he loved most about the Accord and his response was the lines of the body – “especially the forward raking line down the flanks of the car and the rear end is sexy too.” And who doesn’t like a good booty? He set out specifically looking for a blue Accord but it was not easy as there are not many available in that colour. He knew however that he would own one and as soon as all the planets and stars were aligned he got his opportunity and before he knew it he was the proud owner of this gorgeous metallic blue beauty.

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Like always the mod bug usually waits right outside the dealership or sits in your garage waiting to pounce on young helpless guys like Muji and guys like us. He quickly got a hold of Muji and the first symptom was a case of “the drops” haha, okay enough of that… The first thing on Muji’s list was to lower the car and by saving up he managed to get some BCracing Coilovers but after raising and lowering the car for shows and shoots he decided to install air suspension and it would also make the car very unique in the SA scene. The more ideas he got the more the car evolved as well. He always tried to get good quality parts but also kept things subtle as the car was never meant to be a boy racer but rather a gentlemen’s car. Here’s a quick rundown of all the specs

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05 Honda Accord type S 2.4iVtec


  • K&N Typhoon CAI
  • 63 mm into dual 57mm Powerflow exhaust with tips
  • Throttle body coolent bypass mod
  • UniQ chip
  • Vtec controller, Vtec point lowered to 5500rpm
  • NGK Iridium plugs
  • 170kw and 240nm on Topend Dyno

Suspensionand wheels:

  • Ksport Airtech kit with Ksport struts and 36 level damping
  • Dual 380c Viar compressors
  • Airlift Autopilot V2 with custom harness.
  • UltraRacing 19mm rear anti-roll bar and bushes.
  • Skunk2 Pro upper control arms and ball joints.
  • FN2 TypeR OEM wheels
  • Custom adapters
  • 205/35/R18 Roadstones
  • D1 Spec lug nuts


  • Eliminated chrome bonnet trim
  • Flared front arches
  • Raven racing rear wing
  • Webasto large deluxe sunroof.
  • Rearview camera


  • Lumo strip lighting
  • LED interior lights
  • 250mm extended, LED lit gearknob
  • Black roof liner
  • 35% smash n grab.tint


  • Winlink 8inch touch screen with GPS, Bluetooth, Divx and DVD.
  • Sonice 9inch Android headrest touch screens with wifi, 3G, wireless game controls and remotes
  • Infinity Reference 6500 6.5 split system
  • Infinity Reference 6502 6.5 coaxial
  • Infinity Reference 6×9 9063 3way
  • Infinity kappa Perfect 12d DVC – with removable core – 3000w
  • Infiniity reference 475a 4 channel
  • Infinity Reference 1600a monoblock
  • Custom enclosure with 16mm laminated glass window and flared port
  • Stinger copper 6000 series
  • Deltex dual cell 652
  • Stinger Roadkill
  • Lumo beat detection equalizer on laminated glass

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If you remember I mentioned before that Muji went for a balanced approach and when you look at this spec list you can see that he has touched on every aspect of the car leaving no stone unturned – he has admitted though that his main focus was always the looks and I can agree that he has done a pretty good job even for a car that is currently in a somewhat transitional phase. While doing the shoot, Muji and I sparked up conversations with different topics left right and centre like two old ladies on a porch drinking tea and while talking to him I could hear the passion and enthusiasm in voice as he explained to me about his journey with his car thus far and the future plans…This attitude of his is reflected in his car without a doubt.

It was a huge pleasure shooting this car and meeting the dude and I would just like to extend my thank you to him for the opportunity – I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next Muji, don’t make us wait too long. Well that just about wraps things up – we hope you all enjoy the pictures. Remember to click on the images to get the high resolution ones.


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4 thoughts on “Blue Magic – Muji’s bagged Accord

  1. Sick buddy! Represent us accord drivers to the world! Wish mine could look half as shweet as Urs does. Keep up the great work muji

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