German vs Japan Car Fest 2014

Germany Vs Japan Car Fest 2014Germany vs Japan 2014

Photography & Words by Allister Selinda

There is nothing like an annual gathering of automotive enthusiasts, especially on the South African scene because guess what we have been chatting about it for a year. Now everyone that has attended a car show at Nasrec Expo Centre will know it’s nothing short of amazing, Paulo and his team from Classic Cars have ensured an optimal experience for all car lovers at this prime venue. I have always been invited to these events and haven’t missed a single one, that’s all because of the quality you can expect on the day. The German vs Japan Car Festival that happens annually is big on the event calendar and despite the weather it’s always packed. 

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During the build up to the event the unveiling of few rides were spoken about on trending social networks. So even before you even got to experience you were already part of the festivities whether you liked or not. This year’s show weather was great, in the never ending queue to enter the event I could already see the potential that was looming beyond Nasrec’s walls. I shouldn’t fail to mention although the car scene may find the automotive showdown to be more stance related, there is another type of auto thing going which is surrounded more around your old school classic muscle cars which we didn’t dwell into. What I had come for was outside close to the water feature area; although I had searched for the show grounds there was no feeling to describe how I felt when I was in the mix. 

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It was like ants around a big ant hill, buzzing with constant movement of feet. Which wasn’t surprise considering all the beautiful metal on display. The day couldn’t have gone better; I was really inspired by the quality that came out to play and this also shows how the bar has been raised and also set for next year’s event. I also need to extend a great amount of gratitude to Above The Law crew and Classic Cars for making the event happen every year without a hitch. See you guys next year.

Now enough talking, we shall as usual let the photos and cars do the talking. Remember to click on the images to get a higher resolution.


We don't know who's beetle this but its got killer written all over it.We don’t know who’s beetle this but its got killer written all over it.

28Rob from ATL’s second breath bagged MK4 GTi looked brutal.

39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 2920Cherie Myburgh had the guys rethinking their game with her MK1.

27 26 25 24 23 22 21 19 18 17 16 15Fred rocked up in two cars but his daily MK7 on Vossens does wonders for me.

14 13 12 11 10The bagged Knobber S3 in top form on a set of Rotiforms.

9 8 7 6 5Old school is always cool, this variant sedan looked fresh on Porsche wheels.

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