Strawberries & Cream – Tshepo’s VW Citi Golf

coverStrawberries & Cream – Tshepo’s static VW Citi Golf

Words & Photography – Allister Selinda

The Golf has found its way into everybody’s hearts over years of its existence. When the world wrote the legend off, South Africa foresaw other means of keeping it alive.  In comes the era of the Citi Golf, the same Golf everyone knew but with the twist of larger bumpers which are very reminiscent of the Karmann kit Volkswagen had made for their MK1 cabriolet, the fenders slanted forward and the grille got a change up. A whole 25 years of history with the South African market and the Golf gets put aside, but that only meant that now it was even more important to have one in your driveway. On the same token it’s also sad that many people have grown bored of seeing them, this where the purists step in and give the Golf the status is once procured amongst its peers.

From the time that I can remember when I saw a Golf, it always had the same characteristics as the next. It was always wheels, the not so low 60/40 drop, a sunroof and the infamous mud flap combo. This was around the time that stance had not yet invaded our scene. I think. Golfs always sported 17 inch wheels particularly Lenso Eagles but that’s a story for another day, so what happened to the style that was once so sort after? It happened, slammed, tuck, dope, poke no matter which way you say it stance had crept its way onto the scene. It was big in Cape Town before it actually came to Johannesburg, but down in the Mother City it was more about Japanese cars. When it had eventually became mainstream up here the dubs were about to get prime treatment. The story will be be cut short right there and onto why we are featuring this particular Citi.

1234How Tshepo and I met up, is a story I can’t even remember but it’s obvious it was around cars. When we got together for the shoot, we would chat every now and again which would unravel the story behind his ride. “I wanted a white Citi Golf, 17 inch Alpine wheels under all four fenders and the wheels would have been white too” he said but the dream of a rolling ice cube was averted when he spotted this beauty in 2009. It was maroon in colour. So now he had a Citi Golf. “I started getting interested in modding cars when I saw pictures of Mncedisi’s Golf on Facebook and also because he lives in my hood” Tshepo said with a smile. Tsepho hooked up with Mnce, little did he know what knowledge Mnce would pass on to him and where the journey would lead. He would tag along for shows, park offs and made his first debut at a VW Camp Fest in 2010. “Stickers made me go crazy, yeah they did” he laughed, the car had a shocker sticker on the back window with a few Laminex bits here and there.

1112After all the up and down, catching onto what the guys were up to was easy. He fitted a set of 15 inch Eagles first with plastic VW centres a clear sign that earlier influence was still alive in him. The wheels didn’t make much time on the car and were replaced with a set of 15 inch steelies measuring 7.5j and 8j respectively and had them coated in white. “By this time I knew I was in too deep and there was no turning back” he guilted. The steelies needed to be bigger, so 16 inch steelies were put on as if they were auditioning but they never made the cut. 15 inch BBS RS replicas were a solid choice after the wheel roller-coaster, they were silver when he bought them but the white and maroon combo had started to grow on him. The BBS got a VIP treatment, they were painted white and the studs were changed to gold by Fred a close friend. This all happened while the car was at standard ride height. “I saw how low other cars were like Mnce’s and Brithers cars, I went and bought a set of 60/40 force springs for some lowness hahaha”

5678910When he eventually learnt that the springs weren’t doing the job, a visit to Wheels and More where he purchased a set of coilovers which changed everything. The cars is forever lower when you spot it at a show and he doesn’t intend to stop there. On the cards for the meanwhile are among a wire tuck, shaved bay, interior and a decent audio system. The car is currently on a set of 15 inch CCW replicas rocking serious stretch and a static low that is to be envied.

He couldn’t have shown more appreciation for the assistance of Mnce  in his adolescent car phase and for helping get onto the scene. He also thanks Ezase, Esatranfd, Sibusiso, Mbuso, Tshepo, Mpho, Jeeeezy, Alvin, Ephraim, Sibusiso V, MdlokoMdloks, Pitso, Thapelo, Nathan, Zee, Zizi, Palzen, Java not forgetting his very patient lady behind his success Ntsako and lastly he thanks his crew Loxion Rides.

131415AN Selinda


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