XcuzeM3 – Rowen Cole’s Static BMW E46 M3

Xcuze///M3 – Rowen’s Static BMW E46 M3

Photography & Words by CJ Levendal


So I’m sitting at home in front of the PC just surfing the net planning my next trip up to the cape of good hope, and of course one of the first thoughts to cross my ever wondering mind is ‘what cars I can shoot when I’m there?’ So naturally i start making a list, and the first car I wrote down was Rowen’s E46 M3. It was recently featured in one of SA’s motoring magazines and caught my attention.


So the standard affair commenced. Pick a time and place, get together, and shoot some photos. Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that for me, a standard photo session receives a little more planning that what goes into planning lunch on any given day. Jason and I spoke and I told him what i had in mind and I simply needed him to show me where i could find what i was looking for, as on this occasion Google maps did not suffice. We soon decided on a spot and before we knew it we were shooting.

Sounds pretty straight forward and standard, however it was everything but standard. As soon as he pulled up I had my love for the M3 re-ignited. The E46 M3 is certainly one of my all time favorite cars out there and the afternoon I spent with this car simply reminded me why at each angle. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, has a well balanced chassis and that ever powerful raw screeching S54 inline six excites me every time without fail. BMW has sadly retired the 3.2 liter inline six-cylinder engine, so the next time you happen to hear one just stop for a few seconds to appreciate and take in the award winning naturally aspirated straight-six churning out 343 horses, and remember it’s one of the last of it’s kind. Anyway my rant is over ha-ha, but I’m sure most of you would understand.



Now to Rowen Cole and his search for for something that would satisfy his automotive taste buds. Over the years he has owned various cars from a 1969 Ford Cortina to a Mercedes Benz. This time his search lead him towards a E30 which then shifted to the E46 and in February 2012 Mona was born as soon as he put his foot down on that gas peddle and raced out the show room, he was now the proud owner of a 2003 BMW E46 M3.

As Owner of Cole’s Autobody Shop the modification bug was not far away, as the means for him to start applying his own personal touches weren’t very hard to come by –  and slowly but surely Mona came too life mod after mod.



Mona was taken to Ashfaaq Bux at GTSR for some software upgrades, a K&N air filter running from a CSL bumper decat. Now to the drop and the wheels, Rowen is rolling static on BC (BR) fully adjustable coil-overs lowered onto 18×9 all round Work Euroline SL wheels wrapped in 225/45/18 Bridgestone Potenza’s upfront and 265/35/18 Roadstones in the rear. Now I’m sure most of you know her without even knowing it. Mona has undergone some changes, an extreme make-over of sorts. Since he got the car it’s been resprayed twice including the the current grey look he is sporting. The full transformation from it’s previous silky smooth BMW Avus blue to its current custom grey can be seen on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/ColesAutobodyRepairs. Rowen’s reasoning behind all this is that he felt his car did not stand out from the crowd and so along with new paint job he also added a CSL front bumper with carbon fiber splitters which were painted black along with the rear diffuser and boot lip spoiler. Overall Mona gets a thumbs up from me. After Meeting Rowen and Mona i can say with certainty that there will be many changes to come in the future – I can’t tell you what but be sure too look out for him.

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This was certainly one of the more enjoyable shoots I’ve had so far. Thanks to Rowen for giving me the opportunity as well Jason Clifton and Curt Lottring for joining me on the shoot, it’s always a pleasure. Now enough talking, I’m sure you all know the drill by now let us know what your thoughts are by leaving comments and if you liked what you saw and read be sure to share.


P.S Click on the images to get a Higher Resolution.

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