The Winter Soldier – Clint’s 9n3 Polo

TheWinterSoldier - Cover The Winter Soldier – Clint Loggenberg’s Static VW 9n3Polo

Photography & Words by CJ Levendal

Back in the my younger days when I was still roaming the passage ways at school[feels like a lifetime ago], I always had this constant thought stuck in my mind; I couldn’t wait to make my way home away from the cliques, the drama, and the “cool kids” that seemed to fill each day and make it a very unpleasant task at times. As we have all quickly realized though, those things never ended at graduation like we thought it would; instead they followed us to college, work and even into our hobbies. In this fairly young stance community we have within South Africa, the drama has become infectious by way of the various crews and sometimes even within the crews themselves.


Now I know very well what it’s like to be an outsider, I might not know how to work with people or as I like to believe I simply have a higher standard and I like to set myself apart from the rest when it comes to my passion towards this thing I do. I don’t have anything against crews though, don’t get me wrong – all I’m saying is that I maybe haven’t found my perfect team just yet.

2 3 So to the matter at hand, these photos you see here are ones from the second meeting we had with Clint as the 1st one simply was not up to standard. When I met Clint I was under the impression that he was part of a crew called street candy in Port Elizabeth. Most people in the Eastern Cape area probably know them, and most people would like to be apart of this crew and wouldn’t think twice if they asked you to join them. However Clint declined this offer with no disrespect to Foutie and his crew, when I asked him why he simply responded with “I’m a solo ranger and I love driving alone” now I admire that because when you are in a crew it’s easy to just ride along and let the reputation of the crew carry you as opposed to being alone with the spotlight on you alone or maybe getting no shine at all… When you are alone people are quick to criticize or attack you, they sit slumped over their keyboards, just waiting for you to post so they can set you straight and tell you exactly how you need to build your car. If you don’t fall in line, a fire-storm of childish comments will roll in. Even with the backlash though, some shrug it off and stay focused on the task at hand: creating a car that they can truly call their own. Customized the way they want it, whether it is too dull or too excessive according to the crowd and their opinions. This car becomes an extension of it’s owner, unlike many people that allow their cars to be shaped by trends set by someone else. And that in it self is a difficult task as some of the guys in PE know, “biters” as they are called cant help themselves but to feed of the creativity and innovation of some individuals. Its hard here in SA to stand out when it comes to wheels as it is quite the struggle to obtain original wheels and there is not a very big variety when you go for reps, so naturally guys are forced to think of other ways to stand apart from the crowd but even then you might do something that some guy has already put claim to. The only advice I can give is to just try your best to make it your own and if you can’t just be sure to do it proper. 4 5 So with that said I feel that Clint has done a awesome job with limited resources. Which brings me to a quick run down of the modifications his car has undergone since he bought it. But first a little history lesson – This particular Polo is the 4th generation of it’s kind. this is the 3-door hatch facelift version of the mk4 Polo. It was marketed from early 2002 to 2009 in most countries except Brazil and the USA. It is still manufactured in SA, where it is sold as the Polo Vivo. The mk4 replaced the mk3, while the Polo Vivo replaced the beloved Citi Golf. Okay you can all wake up now haha. 8 9 So Clint’s personal touch was simply a wheel and a drop, 15×8 BBS Reps which he recently dipped completely black giving it a mean and mysterious feel, it’s wrapped in 165/50 tyres in front and 175/50s in the back – this gives a nice stretch to give the car nice overall form. He then added height adjustable JOM coilovers which he fitted with a smaller set of springs to give him that extra bit of low. Now as I posted some teasers I saw guys on the social networks claiming its easy to go low on 15″ wheels. Which is probably true, however do you have the balls to drive it like that for even a day. as we were doing this shoot I looked at the amount of effort Clint had to under go to simply move from one spot to the other. People claim to be about that low life but you never will be until you have to stop every 10 minutes for your tyres too cool down from all the rubbing, and until you drive around with 5 broken jacks in your trunk and get your only functional one stuck under the car. This is surely nothing I would like to go trough on a daily basis or even just one day.


Now you might think what is so special about this car and its owner and from my experience with Clint it’s simply his attitude towards it all. He drives alone cause he likes to, he has no ego he simply does what he does because he enjoys it, he reminds me of that kid that just wants to get home to his car, away from the cliques and the “cool kids”. Something which is very rare these days.

Anyway I feel like I have said enough, time to let the pictures and the car do the talking. I hope that this was another enjoyable feature and that we did the car justice. We feel this is another good representation of how the PE scene is coming alive and we hope you do to. I just want to thank Clint for the opportunity to shoot his ride, can’t wait to see what’s next. Remeber to click on the images to get a higher resolution.

So until next time…

Peace Out


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