Mainstream Crew – The Evolution

[Words – CJ Levendal]

[Photography – CJ Levendal & Orville Robertson]

Mainstream Crew – who are they and what do they do??? I’m pretty sure they need no introduction no matter where you find yourself residing in SA but let’s just take a step back about a year or so ago when they were not yet that well-known and let’s tell the story all the way from the start. Before i start though let me just say that this was not the easiest of topics to write on but i tried my best to keep everyone in a good light as this is my attempt to bring everyone closer and inspire everyone towards a more ideal “world”.

So here goes…



Mainstream crew was established in November 2012 right around the time that I also decided to venture into this somewhat unknown concept of stance in South Africa, they were originally a crew of 7 members, just a bunch of friends who loved cars/stance and everything else that went with it. they got their name when one of the guys kept using the phrase that’s so ‘mainstream’ in everything that he did and apparently it stuck. Simple enough start to it all but I’m pretty sure none of them were prepared for what would have followed. They basically started the PE stance scene and if there was one already then I am pretty sure they resurrected it along with certain guys like Street Candy’s Siraaj Foutie or more commonly known by the traffic department and most of PE as “slammed EC” and many more.


Issi’s mk1 – one of the cleanest mk1s in the bay area…

issi in the zone

issi in the zone

I live in a small town George in the Western Cape and probably like everyone else I saw some off their park offs on Facebook. It seemed to have started off small but I started taking notice of them when they hosted the famous “something good” and “Uitenhage” park offs… I’ll let those memories linger for a minute for those who were there. They made their name by hosting these type of park-offs, breakfast run’s or hook-up’s/meet & greets. I remember siting at campus in front of the PC thinking to myself I wish I could just attend at least one of their hookups. Anyway as I’m sure you all know it did not stop there as this was simply the beginning of it all, they sparked something within PE that was possibly dead or simply just in a deep slumber because from that point on everyone started new trends and came up with something different just for the next Mainstream crew park off. There was a time that you could not drive through PE without seeing a car without a Mainstream crew sticker.  These events were also the birthplace of a lot of blogs and pages on Facebook, not a lot of good ones ha-ha but there were exceptions like Low Company. All good crews should have good-looking cars and Mainstream had a few, two of the cars that stood out to me were Nithaam’s RunX and Sean’s Nissan Sentra and generally I don’t really like these cars but theirs had a touch to it that you don’t see everyday.

Paul's wagon looking fresh as always...

Paul’s wagon looking fresh as always…


Their events caused a frenzy and in my opinion became too big for them to handle. More people wanted to join the crew and they possibly all had their idea of where they wanted to take the crew, and the bigger the team got, the more views and opinions came along with it, which was probably not the best of things at that point in time. This soon led to them becoming victims of their own success as they had some troubles within their camp amongst some members. They tried to sort it out but slowly but surely they drifted apart. They were a very big team and conflicts were bound to happen but I like to believe that conflicts usually have some sort of positive result and in this case we got another movement by the name of Hoodfresh owned by a now former member of the Mainstream crew Sean Munick. Conflicts will always arise and egos will always clash – and that’s normal, people tend to make the car scene seem like it’s not a competition and that it’s all simply for the love of it. Personally I think that’s a load of BS… of course we love it but in the end we all want the hottest ride or we all want to take the best photos or whatever the case may be. I know I want to be the best at what I do, its human nature and that’s what drives us to coming up with new and exciting ideas and if it sometimes gets a bit heated then so what, we will surely get past it and move on to the next thing. There will be differences, but with the differences it will bring us new crews, new styles new movements. That is the only way the Stance/car scene can possibly grow. That was a mouth full and I haven’t even covered half of it. However I just wanted to give you a simple and quick overview as to how they came to where they are presently, the details are irrelevant when you take into consideration the ultimate and bigger picture.






So lets forget about the past for just a minute and think about this. We’re all here for one reason: we like to get our hands dirty. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive or what style of modification is your favourite; chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve been bit by the same bug the rest of us have. Day after day, we wake up with the same thing on each of our minds – What’s to do next with your ride? But there are days in which you can’t lay on the cold garage floor, whatever the reason may be. Family plans, no finances or there is simply no inspiration. What separates you and me from the crowd is that on those days, we don’t stop thinking about our automobiles. We never stop. We can’t stop and there’s only one thing that will always set us at ease and those are the waking up and jumping on the internet and magazines to keep us in check with the culture, to see what’s happening in Cape Town; Johannesburg; Durban or even over the waters, but there’s one way that the internet and magazines can never substitute and that is the get-togethers and hangouts, this does not only satisfy our thirst for this crazy lifestyle we eat, breathe, and sleep, but it brings our friends into the mix, ensuring that there’s at least someone else out there who “gets it”. So think about that the next time a little beef pops up within your crew or between different crews. Like I said we like the competition and its one of the driving forces for why we do this but when we get together we are all one big family.

And now off to the present and you will find us having a small hook-up after a busy Saturday at the show in Cleary Park. It was simply supposed to be a shoot so I could get some new content for my page, but whilst I was busy I noticed how easy and happy we all were – I got a sense of contentment amongst them and felt very happy for them. This is exactly what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. They might have lacked the quality at some point but they bounced backed and I feel they are on the road to becoming a very good representation for PE and on a whole when it comes the ever-growing stance scene in SA. They have so much influence and potential still and I would just like to wish them all the best for the future and let them know that they have my support. I Would also like to encourage all those that have some sort of movement to carry on with what they are doing and to help each other strive towards those special and ideal hook-ups we all want – the quality of the cars will surely increase in time.





Daniel's benz rolling hard

Daniel’s benz rolling hard

Thanks to the guys at Mainstream for coming out for the shoot – I had a good time as usual. I will surely see you at the next event and I hope to see some awesome new rides. Take a chance to revel in the joys of the friendships formed and the steel each of you have undoubtedly shed some blood over. Here’s to the past, the present and a most promising future for the SA stance scene that lies ahead. Anyway enough talking im sure you all clicked the link for pictures and not my write-up ha-ha. So without further or do I present to you the Mainstream Crew.

Please note that the pictures aren’t in any order I simply added them as I went along – click on the images to get a higher-resolution.


Nithaam recently bagged his Toyota RunX and I personally love it!!!




Nithaams Set-Up was done by the guys from Outlaw Air-Wurx








Issi's mk1 - one of the cleanest mk1s in the bay area...








9 thoughts on “Mainstream Crew – The Evolution

  1. Well done southern stance on featuring the crew reppin ec … keep up the blog spot simply loving the photography yall are doing the artwork yall do aswell one time for the George repres3nta … come done this coming Saturday to pe for the run for charity it’s always big ….

  2. I’m so into low carz. Can’t wait to feature with y’all car fanatics. P.E’s ridez really got the swag. I’ll be in town next week. Hope there’ll be a park off to show off my honda ballade.

  3. Loving the website, I’m originally from P.E but live in Pretoria, you have no idea how difficult it is to do low this side with all the speedbumps and shitty roads. is there any way I can send you pics of my brothers ride? would like to hear your thoughts.

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