StwoKray – Yaeesh’s Honda S2000

[Words & Photography by CJ Levendal]


So here’s our second feature from my last trip down to the mother city, and it is another one of the few but full of class and quality cars of the capestance crew. The car we have here is none other than Yaeesh’s sexy ass Honda s2000. a Car that I feel has some what not been getting as much attention and appreciation it deserves and to me that’s strange as Cape Town is one of the cities in SA that probably has the biggest love for Honda.  So this here is my attempt at giving Yaeesh and his baby the spotlight and showcasing it from every possible angle.


Here’s a brief overview and history of the s2000, this roadster was manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda between 1999 and 2009. first shown as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995, the production version was later launched in April 1999 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. The s2000 is named for its engine displacement of 2 litres, carrying on in the tradition of the s500, s600 and s800 roadsters of the 1960s.

There were two generations of the s2000 the AP1 [2000-2003] and the AP2 [2004-2009]. This particular one of yaeesh is a second generation 2005 model. Though cosmettically similar the AP2 incorporated significant changes to the drive-train and suspension.



Jason fealt like spoiling the picture?? what a knob

Anyway enough history, back to the present and the matter at hand. As i mentioned before I felt like this car has not been given the credit it deserves, the fact that it is part of a few elite cars in Cape Town is not enough. And to explain myself a bit better ill try my best to describe my afternoon with this car.


For the Love of Honda

Whilst busy with the shoot i paid close attention to Yaeesh and noticed that he is a very particular guy and almost came across as someone with OCD, wanting everything to be in line and on point and trying to make each shot as perfect as possible for me. This behavior definitely reflects in his car, when you look at it, everything is in place and proper, not a scratch or piece of dirt in sight. The love and commitment he has towards his car is clear to see. As we were jumping between locations and driving through town, my eyes were glued to that mesmerizing rear end, the sounds that came from that exhaust as we passed underneath the bridges were heavenly. It only took one loud rev and instantly a few dozen necks were broken ha-ha. Its one of those cars i feel that always had an appeal to it and always will. The design is timeless and one that could never get old or boring to look at.


As I mentioned before the bodywork is clean and flawless. It’s been redone and sprayed Ferrari red by Alfa body works. I’m pretty sure this colour is what gives it that feel of excitement and sexiness.


The body rests on a set of white 18″ original Volk Rays TE37 staggered 9.5j front and 10.5j rear wrapped in 215/35 falcon tyres giving it nice form. The suspension of choice are height adjustable BC Coil overs to give him good enough comfort even at when the suspension is lowered. Overall the form is not quite where it should be but never the less looks more than good enough for a daily driven car. The car scene of today has the trend of pushing cars to their limits, leaving any sense of practicality behind just to be lower than the next guy. This is cool and all, especially for the competition part – it tends to bring us some amazing cars but a lot of the time people lose sight of the overall look. It also becomes more of a chore to drive the car and is no longer enjoyable – wheels and fenders are mere millimeters apart and ground clearance, what ground clearance? With that said, I personally applaud Yaeesh for the work he has done on this car, not everyone can make a car look good with as little as he has done. Yaeesh is looking to leave the static lifestyle behind though and go towards the joys of air suspension, he will also be adding a rear diffuser and wing which will surely give the car even more.


So that about wraps up our second feature – I would just like to thank Yaeesh for the opportunity for letting me shoot his baby. This will most definitely not be the last time either, in fact I call dibs on a second shoot as soon as he changes things up again. a Thanks to Jason Clifton as well for joining me on the shoot. I hope and I trust you all enjoyed the read[forgive me, i’m not the best writer] and the photos.

For more info on upcoming features and shows go to our Facebook page at So until next time…

Peace out!!!



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